Flag Poles

Do you need a flag pole for your residence or commercial property? We carry all types of flag poles including commercial flag poles from 20-80 feet and residential porch flag poles or flag poles up to 25 feet for use at your home. We also have telescoping flagpoles and special display flagpoles for short term events.

Our flagpoles are perfect for displaying your flags proudly at your residence or business location. These outdoor flagpoles are available in a variety of sizes from a smaller 20' outdoor flagpole all the way up to a grand 70' tall outdoor flag pole. Choose from one of our white fiberglass, satin aluminum finish outdoor commercial flagpoles for a classic look, our darker bronze-finished or black-finished commercial flagpoles to match your surroundings or the clear anodize-finished flagpoles.

As you begin to think about installing a flag pole, take into consideration the many different kinds that are available. One that you might want to consider is the large in ground style, which comes in many different heights. Then, there are those that you can simply attach to your building. To help you decide which flagpole would work best for you, let’s talk more about each style.

In Ground Placement

An in ground flag pole comes in sections to be attached or in a telescoping style. They are available in aluminum, stainless steel, or fiberglass. Typically, heights are available anywhere from 5 feet to 80 feet. All of these will need to be set in a fixed installation using concrete.

Building Mount

A building mounted flag pole is the easiest to install. Simply install the bracket onto a flat surface, usually with screws, and you are ready to hang ‘Old Glory.’ This type of flag pole is inexpensive to buy, and it can be found made from aluminum or wood.

Flag Pole Lights

Please don’t overlook lights for your flag pole. If you intend to fly the beautiful ‘Red White and Blue,’ at night, then there needs to be some type of light directed on it. There are many styles to choose from, and there are two types – solar and electric. So, consider illumination when deciding where to place your flag pole.

If you are ready to display a flag at your residence or commercial location, contact Dengler Signs Towers & Electric, Inc. for a free site evaluation & estimate.